Glendale, California

Los Angeles County


Glendale is a city in the U.S. state of California with approximately 191,000 inhabitants ( census 2010) and the third largest city in Los Angeles County. The metropolitan area has a size of 79.4 square kilometers. The city is bordered to the northwest by Burbank, on the southwest by Atwater Village (Los Angeles ) and to the east by Pasadena. Through the town flows and the Los Angeles River.

Glendale was created after the division of the Rancho San Rafael in the 1860s and 1870s. 1887 Glendale was established as a town and climbed 1906 the city.


Today, it is mainly a bedroom community in the greater Los Angeles area. About half of the population of Glendale was not born there. The census of 2010 showed a population of just over 191,000, making it is the third largest city in Los Angeles County. Compared to the previous census in 2000, a slight decrease of about 2,000 residents. Nevertheless, the population increased since the beginning of the 20th century, steadily, the 100,000 mark for the mid -1950s. In the 1980s, the population exceeded 150,000. The size of population growth experienced Glendale in the first three Jahrzehneten of the 20th century, when the population increased partly by more than 300 percent in a period of ten years.

With about 61 percent of the population make European-derived white Americans a clear majority, even if their numbers declined in the past decade. About 17 percent of residents are of Hispanic origin Glendale, ie so-called Latinos. Asian -born citizens are above average represented 16 percent of Californian experience in the city, while African-Americans and other ethnic groups represent minorities.


In the Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, on the found many important Americans, including many stars of classic Hollywood, their final resting place is located. These include Robert Taylor, Clark Gable, James Stewart, Humphrey Bogart, Errol Flynn, Spencer Tracy, Walt Disney, Lionel Stander, Jean Harlow, Michael Curtiz, Arthur Lubin, Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis Jr. and Nat King Cole.

From 1926 was at the airport in Glendale under Thomas Benton Slate an all-metal airship, the "City of Glendale ". However, it was shortly after the initial rollout in 1929 to break.

In Glendale also is the U.S. headquarters of Nestlé.

Sons and daughters of the town