Glide API

Glide is an introduced by 3dfx Voodoo graphic interface for graphics cards which quickly became widespread, especially due to their simple integration. Glide was the mid-90s known because there were only still gave for computer systems at this time useless DirectX and known for complex CAD systems OpenGL interface. Glide then offered a quick, very clean driver code, which was highly appreciated by a large fan base.

However, the interface could not prevail in the long run due to the limitation on 3dfx hardware, which took place in December 2000 acquisition of 3dfx by the competitor Nvidia meant the end of the development and production of graphics cards with Glide support. In order to play old games with 3dfx support even without a corresponding graphics card, created some " Glide Wrapper" projects such as OpenGlide for Windows and Glidos for MS-DOS. OpenGlide forms the Glide commands from on OpenGL and simulated on OpenGL -capable cards so that a 3dfx card. OpenGlide can also be used under Wine. Meanwhile, the Glide wrapper have appeared which offer extensive configuration options.