Glienke is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District in the east of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is by the Office Friedland, located in the municipality Friedland, managed.


The community is located about ten kilometers east of Neubrandenburg on the southwestern slope of a small side valley of the Datze that connects in a glacial valley Neubrandenburg with Friedland.


1298 emerged the scale as Angersdorf place the first time in a document. The name is of Slavic origin and derives from glina = clay from. South of Glienke the remains of a Slavic castle walls were excavated during the motorway construction, which is dated to about the 10th century.

The Glienker church in its present form was created in 1769 and was extensively renovated in 2003.

As part of the village renewal program, many older homes have been renovated, but it created some new homes. The former blacksmith, in 1996 the municipal center and expanded. Next to the church office here are a function room and a youth club.

The population in the village grew in 2007 by more than ten percent.

Due to the area change contract between the City of Friedland and the community Glienke from December 12, 2013 Glienke is incorporated from 25 May 2014 in the town of Friedland.


In the list of monuments in Glienke are registered in the list of monuments of the district Mecklenburg- Strelitz monuments.

The Glienker village church is a massive baroque stucco building with a square wooden tower. It is equipped with a baroque pulpit altar with cranked pilasters from the second half of the 18th century as well as a brass baptismal font from 1661.

Economy and infrastructure

Glienke is because of its convenient location, now become a residential community where many commuters live.

Transport links

The connection to the road network can be described as very favorable, as in Glienke the new Federal Highway 20, the federal highway 197 crosses ( Shamrock Cross), which runs from Neubrandenburg to Anklam. Public transport operates bus services to Neubrandenburg and Friedland.