Glonn (Amper)

The Glonn in Odelzhausen, district taxa, March 2004


It rises in the south-east of Mittelstetten Fürstenfeldbruck and empties into Allershausen at Freising in the Amper as its most important tributary.

Nature and environment

The 50.4 km long Glonn flows through an agrarian -occupied area in the triangle between Augsburg, Freising and Dachau. Larger towns along its course are Odelzhausen, market Indian village, Weichs, Peter Stockhausen and the High Chamber.


  • Kollbach
  • Röhrersbach (left)
  • Tegernbach (left)
  • Save Bach ( left)
  • Schweinbach (right)
  • Umbach (left)
  • Rohrbach (right)
  • Steinfurter Bach ( left)
  • Steindlbach (right)
  • Zeitlbach (left)
  • Rien Bach ( right)
  • Dorfbach (right)
  • Calibration Hofner Bach ( left)
  • Roth Bach ( right)
  • Long Pettenbach (left)
  • Ebersbach
  • Klaus Lauterbach