Glossary of vexillology

The Vexillology or FIAV symbols are used in the flag of customer ( vexillology ) for standardized classification of flags. The system was developed by Whitney Smith and international of the Fédération des ( FIAV ) introduced associations vexillologiques early 1970s.

Use symbols

The use of a flag is illustrated with a grid symbol (). The first line is for use on land, the second for the sea. The rows are divided into three columns: civil, military and business. In a row are three criteria given, then one speaks of a national flag. The latter does not mean that no other combinations are used as the national flag, especially since in many countries flags the combination does not exist " three criteria in a row ."

Next is the one used in the flag of customer name war flag not want a war case pending, but merely indicates that the guide is the military reserved.

The use of symbols always refer to the use by corresponding flag laws or regulations (de jure ). De facto, the use differ materially.

Of the theoretically possible 64 grid symbols following examples are more common:

Property symbols

To view the properties and rules ( shown by whom and for what occasion the flag or can be and how it is then to hoist ) simple display of flags, FIAV has introduced a symbolism: the International Flag identification symbols (IFIS ).

The properties of a flag can be expressed by the following symbols:

The properties can be supplemented by further symbols:

  • Flag customer