The Glotter in Denzlingen

The Glotter (also: Glotterbach ) is a 40 kilometer long tributary of the Dreisamstadion in the Black Forest in Baden- Württemberg ( Germany ).


The Glotter rises in the Black Forest on the eastern slope of the 1241 m high Kandel. Initially it flows to the southwest in the direction of Saint Petersburg and then turns - to flow through without the site - northwestward through the Breisgau. By Glottertal in which the Black Forest Clinic is, reaches its water Denzlingen. After they crossed the Reute Glotter flows approximately from Teningen - Nimburg at the north end of the Freiburg bay or in the Upper Rhine Plain to the north. Your mouth in the coming from the south Dreisamstadion is located just 900 meters west of Federal Highway 5, a few meters west of the county road K 5114, the Teningen connects to the southeast with bars in the northwest, or approximately 135 m south of the confluence of the Dreisamstadion in the Elz.

To protect the downstream areas Glottertal against floods, is diverted near the Denzlinger sports complex, most of the water volume of the Glotter in the Lossele at the output of Glottertal. The Lossele is a two and a half kilometer long river, which flows east to Denzlingen and flows Buchholz in the Elz. Controlled by setting traps, leads the Lossele at higher water levels from the most Glotterwasser in the Elz. For this reason, the Pushed creek, at the mouth of the Glotter in Nymburk - Bottingen, significantly higher water content than Glotter. Although this has a much larger catchment area.


Between the villages Glottertal and Denzlingen runs a part of the Baden Wine Route along the Glotter. The Glottertal has as the scene of the TV series Black Forest Clinic Germany gained wide popularity.