GMC (automobile)

GMC is a traditional car brand of American automaker General Motors.

GMC sells mild to medium-sized pickups and SUVs so far only in the North American car market and the Middle East.

GMC for years was very successful in its home market. In 2004, GMC has sold almost 600,000 vehicles. The group's most successful products are the great Sierra pickup and midsize SUVs Envoy. GMC sells its smaller vehicles ( Canyon, Envoy ) at very moderate prices that are often less than U.S. $ 20,000. GMC also sells premium SUV as the products of the Yukon series ( the platform is shared with the Hummer H2 and the Chevrolet Suburban ), which often move in price regions beyond the U.S. $ 50,000. GMC equips its products often with a large-displacement eight cylinders, which are 4500-6000 cc and make between 150 and 250 kW. The vehicles are relatively well equipped. Since GMC products often resemble sister vehicles, the Group Chevrolet, GM wants to set in the future, the products clearly independent. So GMC is to be positioned higher total and placed in Geländewagen-/Pickup-Segment between Chevrolet and Cadillac.


In 1902, Max Grabowski the company Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. This was taken over in 1909 by General Motors. In the same year, commercial vehicle production the Reliance Automobile Manufacturing Company came about.

1912 GMC Truck ( " General Motors Company Truck" ) brand was introduced at the New York International Auto Show, in the Reliance also came up. 1996, the additional truck has been deleted.

1989 GMC involved in the Volvo White Truck Corp.. and brought his heavy truck range in the society. The heavy trucks were sold until 1995 under the brand name WhiteGMC. Then the models were sold as Volvo and Autocar. In 1997, Volvo shares of General Motors joint venture of Volvo GM and changed the name of the company in Volvo Trucks North America.