The abbreviation GMC stands for:

  • A brand of American automaker General Motors, see GMC
  • Game Maker Community, the community of computer games development environment Game Maker
  • Generalized Method of Cells, a micromechanical model for homogenization of heterogeneous materials
  • Gebrüder Märklin and Cie GmbH, toy and model train manufacturer Märklin see
  • Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, the former name of the electronics manufacturer Motorola
  • Giant Molecular Clouds, giant molecular clouds in the Milky Way, see the dark cloud and molecular cloud
  • GNU Midnight Commander, a free clone of the DOS tools Norton Commander
  • Global Motion Compensation, used by video codecs, see Motion Compensation
  • Gambia Muslim Congress, a former party in Gambia
  • General Medical Council, the British Medical Association
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