Gnoien (Amt)

The Office Gnoien located in the northeast of the district of Rostock in Mecklenburg- Vorpommern ( Germany ).

In this office, which was established in 1992, six municipalities and the city Gnoien are ( Headquarters ) joined forces to do their administrative business. For office originally belonged to nine communities. The municipality was incorporated into Kleverhof Altkalen on 1 January 1999; the town of Gross Nieköhr was incorporated into the municipality of Behren- Lübchin on 31 December 1999. Wasdow was incorporated into Behren- Lübchin on September 5, 2011.

The office area is bordered to the north by the district Vorpommern - Rügen and on the east by the county of Mecklenburg Lake District. The predominantly flat to gently rolling landscape is drained by the Warbel, a small tributary of the Cernosin, on whose shores the Office has a share in the Northeast. South of Gnoien springs the Peene. The highest elevation in the office area is 58 m above sea level. NHN reached near Walkendorf. The area is dominated by agriculture, but also because of its original nature with forests, meadows, small lakes and barrows tourist potential. In Trebeltal is an about eight km ² large nature reserve.

By the Authority area lead the federal highway 110 (Rostock - Demmin ) and the connecting road of Teterow Ribnitz -Damgarten. The Baltic Sea motorway ( A 20) leads immediately to the north past the office area. She has greatly improved over the regional accessibility of the area.

The municipalities with its districts

  • Altkalen with Old Pannekow, dam, Granzow, combs Rich, Kleverhof, Lüchow, New Pannekow and Rey
  • Behren- Lübchin with Old Quitzenow, Bäbelitz, Bobbin, Duck joke Friedrichshof, United Nieköhr, Small Nieköhr, New Nieköhr, New Quitzenow, Samow, Viecheln and Wasdow
  • Boddinstraße Alt Vorwerk, United Lunow, wood Lübchin, Small Lunow, New Boddinstraße and New Vorwerk
  • Finkenthal with Dukes Court and Schlutow
  • City Gnoien with Dölitz, Eschenhörn, Kranichshof and Warbelow
  • Lühburg with Basse, the gift of God, and Repnitz Strietfeld
  • Walkendorf with Dalwitz and Stechow


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