GNU TeXmacs

Program author Joris van der Hoeven.


The program produces structured documents via a WYSIWYG interface. Users can create new document templates. Various content such as text, graphics, charts, etc. can be combined from different backends. TeXmacs uses high-quality text and mathematical typesetting algorithms and TeX fonts for creating documents and presentations that meet professional standards.

For this purpose, a text editor component with support for typesetting, a small image editor and a presentation tool are available. However, particularly noteworthy is the possibility TeXmacs as a user interface for external programs such as for computer algebra, numerical analysis, statistics, use for plotting functions.

The program can be adjusted by written into Guile / Scheme extension.

Since version, the Graphical interface based on the Qt toolkit.

Documents can be saved as XML or Scheme format in addition to the native TeXmacs format and exported as PostScript or PDF file. To produce TeX / LaTeX and HTML / MathML converter exist.

Supported backends

TeXmacs supports many different backends.