Gnutz is a municipality in the district of Rendsburg -Eckernförde in Schleswig -Holstein. Hofkamp and fourth are in the municipal area.

Geography and transport

Gnutz is located about twelve kilometers north-west of Neumünster at the edge of the nature park Aukrug. East run the 205 highway, the Federal Highway 7 and the railway line from Rendsburg to Neumünster, south State Road 430


The village was first mentioned in 1320 as Gnuttese. It is believed that the name refers to a lake, which, however, no longer exists today. The name also suggests that there is a Slavic place inception.

In the 16th century was in Gnutz a royal sheep.


Since the local elections of 2008, the voters Community KWG has all eleven seats in the municipal council.

Coat of arms

Blazon: "In a gold -curved green top, is a silver church, accompanied in front of an upright green prehistoric ax, back of a green buckwheat branch with flowers. "


The community is predominantly agricultural, but there are also several businesses and two nurseries. Since the end of World War II is grown in Gnutz tobacco.


Southwest of the town is a newly created Celtic tree circle (coordinates: 54 ° 7 ' 3 " N, 9 ° 48' 14" O54.117599.80377 ).