GO is an abbreviation for

  • Municipal Code
  • General Overnight, express and logistics service provider
  • Rules of Procedure
  • Trade Regulation, several laws
  • GNOME Office, Office package the GNOME desktop environment
  • GO ( gas station), station network
  • Goias, Brazilian State
  • Governmental organization, government organization, in contrast to the non-governmental organization
  • Underground organization, the smallest organizational unit of the SED and mass organization in East Germany, see Socialist Unity Party of Germany # underground organization Free German Youth organization structure #
  • Guarantee of Origin ( GoO also ), see proof of origin (Energy)
  • Senegal to the ICAO code

GO as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • UK: Maidstone
  • Italy: Gorizia ( Gorizia German )
  • Slovenia: Nova Gorica (German Nova Gorica, Italian Nuova Gorizia)

Go stands for

  • Go (band), founded by Stomu Yamashta fusion band of the 1970s, and their three albums
  • Go ( programming language), by the U.S. company Google has developed programming language
  • Go ( game ) board game for two people, which is particularly common in East Asia
  • Go ( telecommunications companies ), maltese telecommunications companies
  • Go ( 1999), American film directed by Doug Liman
  • Go ( 2001), Japanese film directed by Isao Yukisada
  • Go Fly, former British low-cost airline
  • The start of a GoTo telescope control

Go is the surname of the following persons:

  • Betty Go Belmonte (1933-1994), Filipino journalist and publisher
  • Eric Go ( born 1984 ), American badminton player
  • Go Ara (* 1990), South Korean actress and model
  • Go Seigen (* 1914), Chinese Go- pro
  • Go Soo (born 1978 ), South Korean actor
  • Go Yunha (* 1988), Korean pop singer, see Younha

Go! stands for

  • Go! ( Album ) jazz album by Dexter Gordon in 1962
  • Go! (Band), American punk band
  • Go! (Programming language), agent-based, functional programming language from 2003

Gō stands for

  • Gō, old unit of measurement for volume
  • Artist name in Japan, see artist name ( East Asia )

Gō is the surname of the following persons:

  • Eiji Gō (1937-1992), Japanese actor

Go! stands for

  • Go! (Airline), Hawaii

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