Goal difference

The goal difference (even subtraction method ) is a method for the calculation of ranking positions in sport. It is used in various sports to determine table ranks on points. In football, the goal difference is since the 1960s ( in France for example, since the season 1964/65, in Germany since 1969 /70) applied in general. Before that, the table space was calculated on points over the Torquotienten.


To form the goal difference goals are subtracted from the goals scored a team. The thus calculated difference decides case of a tie between two teams on their placement, with the higher goal difference is crucial. Some cases, a calculation based on the goal difference differ from the common in many sports calculating the Torquotienten. As an example:

After Torquotienten Team A performs better ( 3 vs. 2), go through the Team B goal difference (4 to 6).

In most leagues and tournaments with the same goal difference decides the number of goals scored, but in others the first direct comparison between the teams.

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