Goal of the Year (Germany)

The award of the goal of the year was launched by the ARD next to the gate of the month in the year 1971. Initially, the soccer goal of the year was chosen by post. Nowadays the vote by telephone and vote over the Internet takes place.

In the choice for goal of the year the gates of the month to come. When choosing the most extraordinary and spectacular goal has not always necessarily enforced. Occasionally a critical hit for a major title for Goal of the Year is selected. Example of this is a deflected Golden Goal by Oliver Bierhoff to win the European Football Championship 1996. Similarly it behaves in the crucial, but generally deemed not spectacular header from Nia Künzer at the Football World Cup Women 2003.

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Was more than twice so far only the striker Klaus Fischer scorer of the year, namely 1975, 1977 and 1982. Fischer was known especially for his overhead kick. He scored his second goal of the year 1977 on 16 November 1977 match Germany against Switzerland (4:1) in Stuttgart Neckar Stadium as bicycle kick, it was later the door of the decade and Goal of the Century. Also in World Cup semi-final in 1982 against France scored the important 3:3 fishermen in the extension overhead kick, his third goal of the year.

Gates of Günter Netzer, Gerd Müller, Karl -Heinz Rummenigge, Lothar Matthäus, and Raúl were washed twice elected to the gate of the year.

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In 1994, Bernd Schuster managed to occupy the first three places. The youngest player was the 18- year-old Daniel Simmes, the oldest player was the 79 -year-old Kurt Meyer and is the only woman to date Nia Künzer.

For the first time the award has been awarded to two players in 1972. Goal scorer Netzer was alluded to by backheel by Gerd Müller. Since all defensive players focused on the being played by Netzer scorer Muller, who now uncovered Netzer could inject. Thus Gerd Müller received the first hit player award without even to have. The second award of two players followed in 2013 for Julian Draxler and Raúl. Also this goal resulted from a pass by backheel, free toyed with the Draxler, Raúl.

Zlatan Ibrahimović is the first player from a foreign team, who was elected to the scorers of the year.

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The Goal of the Century scored according to a German survey Klaus Fischer on November 16, 1977 at the international match Germany - Switzerland (4:1) in Stuttgart Neckar Stadium bicycle kick.