Godalming [ gɒdəlmɪŋ ] is a small town in England with about 20,000 inhabitants. It is located in the southern English county of Surrey and is the administrative seat of the Waverley Borough.


Godalming is located in the Rolling Hills Of Surrey on the River Wey about 60 km south-west of London, near Guildford. Other nearby towns are Farnham and Haslemere. Godalming is one of the wooded areas of England and lies on the valley floor, where the river could be easily bridged.

The coat of arms

Since Godalming had earlier much to do with the textile industry, the arms of the city shows a wool sack. The top people of the city were once the Bishops of Salisbury, and for this reason shows the emblem in addition, the Salisbury Cathedral in Hampshire.


Godalming benefited from the fact that it is located on the trade route to Portsmouth, near the present A3, the major port on the southern coast. Some buildings in the city center on the main street reminiscent of the appearance of the inns of timber, which are called in England coaching in. There, the teamsters stayed earlier, on the road from London to Portsmouth.

Today, the city is more in the shadow of the much larger neighboring town of Guildford, which is only about 10 km north. The residents mostly work in the capital. If you want to buy now greater in Godalming, which is likely to prove difficult, since there can only appear a few small shops and restaurants. The largest markets are at the northern belt of the city, where also some commercial areas are. Formerly used it for the river port The Wharf. Today, you can drive over the River Wey with a boat down to the Thames, he was earlier than small channelized waterway significant.


A landmark is the parish church of St. Peter and Paul, which go back to the 11th century foundations. A feature of the church is the curved steeple. In addition, the municipal museum is worth seeing, in which an entire department General James Oglethorpe is dedicated to the colony of Georgia founded in the United States today, 1730. Nearby is the Charterhouse School, a private school. The former town hall, known as the " Pepperpot ", was built in 1814 and is similar in appearance to a windmill. In addition, the coaching inns that were once used as accommodation for carters in Foreign quite popular.

Twin Cities


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Jack Phillips (1887-1912), radio operator on the Titanic
  • Aldous Huxley (1894-1963), writer
  • John Wakeham ( born 1932 ), British business leaders and politicians of the Conservative Party
  • Mick Mills ( b. 1949 ), football player
  • Jeremy Hunt ( b. 1966 ), British politician of the Conservative Party
  • Sam Worthington (born 1976 ), Australian actor

Those who worked on site

  • George Ferguson Bowen, the first Governor of the British colonies of Queensland, Governor of New Zealand, Victoria, Mauritius and Hong Kong who attended Charterhouse School in Godalming
  • William Gifford Palgrave, attended the Charterhouse School
  • Mary Toft, of Godalming maidservant, gained fame in 1726 because she had allegedly brought rabbits to the world
  • Orde Wingate, a British major general, attended the Charterhouse School