Goddard Space Flight Center

38.992222222222 - 76.852222222222Koordinaten: 38 ° 59 '32 "N, 76 ° 51 ' 8 " W

The Goddard Space Flight Center ( GSFC ) of NASA is located in Greenbelt in Prince George's County in the U.S. state of Maryland. From the capital, Washington DC is only 6.5 km. More to associated facilities are located on Wallops Iceland in Virginia.

The GSFC is a scientific research laboratory for unmanned spaceflight and was named after the American pioneer of rocket propulsion technology Robert Goddard. It was founded on 1 May 1959.

The GSFC is the World Data Center for Satellite Information (WDC SI) settled that registers all spacecraft world, and publishes the National Space Science Data Center, the research results and other data to and from spacecraft.

The registration is done by the numbering of the satellites and probes, it is in the Spacecraft ID ( SCID) an 8 or 10 bit binary number, which was introduced and standardized by the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems ( CCSDS ).

Scientific missions

  • Advanced Composition Explorer ( ACE)
  • ASTRO -E2
  • Compton Gamma Ray Observatory ( CGRO )
  • Cluster II
  • Cosmic Background Explorer ( COBE )
  • Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer ( EUVE )
  • Comet Nucleus Tour ( CONTOUR )
  • Fast Auroral Snapshot Explorer ( FAST)
  • Gamma -ray Large Area Space Telescope ( GLAST )
  • High Energy Transient Explorer 2 ( HETE -2)
  • ISEE / ICE program, the satellite ISEE 1 came as ISEE 3/ICE from the U.S., ESA has ISEE 2 International Cometary Explorer ( ICE)