Godendorf is a municipality in the southern part of the Mecklenburg Lake District in the south of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ( Germany ). It is administered by the Office Neustrelitz country located in the not office belonging Neustrelitz.


The small community Godendorf located on the same lake in a very forest and lakes in the area (129 hectares of water and 860 acres of forest ) in the southeast part of the lake district and the Natural Park Feldberg Lakes. Godendorf is about 14 kilometers from Neustrelitz and on the south by the state of Brandenburg.

To Godendorf include not only the place Godendorf the districts Düsterförde, paper mill, Teerofen and cutting mill. Especially in the districts Teerofen and saw mill are numerous holiday homes. South of Godendorf the Lake District is in the Natural Park continues Uckermärkische lakes.

The Godendorfer mill creek drive once five water mills in the municipality.


The nearest available schools are located in Neustrelitz. There used to be between the hamlets Teerofen and paper mill, a small village school, it is now privately owned.

The district Düsterförde is right on the main road 96 from Berlin to Neubrandenburg, the other districts can be reached through a branching at Düsterförde country road. In addition Düsterförde is close to the railway line between Berlin and Stralsund, on the - a little off the district Düsterförde - in 1878 a station existed. This was operated by the clockface 1993 up to the task of maintenance in 1996 every two hours.

In public transport operates in Godendorf - since the closure of the station Düsterförde - only the bus line 640, the VMS and to Neustrelitz or - Strelitz Alt. Once visited by this also to Fürstenberg / Havel and until August 2012 as a permanent replacement bus even daily from Neustrelitz to Düsterförde and former station. Now all districts will only be approached during the holidays on Mondays and Thursdays by taxi line.