Godfrey Brown

Godfrey Brown ( Arthur Godfrey Kilner Brown; born February 21, 1915 in Bankura, Bengal, India, † February 4, 1995 in Sussex ) was a British sprinter and Olympic gold medalist.

Brown was a highly talented runners over 100 yards and the half-mile. 1936 and 1938 he won the British AAA championships over 440 yards and 1939 over 880 yards. In 1937 he won at the World University Championships 3 times gold, respectively in the 400 -meter run in the 4 x 100 - meter relay and the 4 x 400 - meter relay. At the European Championships in 1938, he won the gold medal over 400 meters, silver in the 4 x 100 - meter relay and bronze in the 4 x 400 - meter relay.

At the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936 he won the silver medal in the 400 - meter dash, behind the Americans Archie Williams and before his compatriot James LuValle. A gold medal he won in the 4 x 400 - meter relay, along with his teammates Freddie Wolff, Godfrey Rampling and Bill Roberts, ahead of the teams from the USA ( silver) and Germany (bronze).

His sister Audrey and his brother Ralph were also remarkable athletes. Audrey won at the 1936 Summer Olympics, the silver medal in the 4 x 100 - meter relay, and Ralph won the 1934 British AAA Championships in the 440- yards hurdles.

Godfrey Brown studied English and history at Cambridge University and worked after his graduation as a history teacher at Bedford School. Because of his poor eyesight, he was released from the army and was just before the war began, principal of Rochester School. During the Second World War, he was first evacuated to Lamberhurst and then to Taunton. From 1950 to 1978 he was principal of the Worcester Royal Grammar School.