Goizueta, Navarre

Goizueta ( in Basque Goizeta ) is a village with 763 inhabitants (as of 2013) in the Basque-speaking northern part of the province of Navarra in Spain.

The constrained in north-south direction in the narrow valley of the river Urumea site consists largely of stone - residential buildings in the style of the 19th century. Noteworthy is the former, fed by the waters of Urumea wash house behind the town hall.

To the north is bordered by Goizueta Rentería and Oyarzun, in the south of Leiza, Ezcurra, Erasun, Beinza - Labayen and Zubieta, to the east by Arano, Elduayen and Berastegui and to the west by Lesaca and Aranaz.

The majority of the area of Goizueta consists of steep, wooded slopes to the up to 1053 m high mountains Mendaur, Recaldo, Loizate, Articuza, Urdiñola, Aniz, San Pedro and Larrea. The largest part of the land (37 km ² ) belongs to the Finca de Artikutza, owned by the City Donostia- San Sebastián.

Through the town, the provincial road leading NA 4150 of Hernani ( Guipúzcoa ) to Leitza.


The name comes from the " upper bridge " ( in Basque: " Zubi Haundi "), which performs in the village across the river Urumea. It is composed of the Basque terms goi (Eng. above), zubi (Eng. bridge) and eta (English and but here as a suffix, the name of a place allocatingly used )


Approx. 1.5 north of the village, the campsite is located in a bend in the Iskibi Urumea. Opened in 2012, the community ( with funding from the Province of Navarre ) is a hostel with 30 beds in 2 - to 10 - bed rooms on the upper floors of the old wash house.


Almost all residents ( 94.8 %) speak Basque. Goizueta is known for intensive care traditional Basque culture. Noteworthy is the high quality of the village choir, where about 5 % of the population are active.


In the town itself there are two grocery stores, a grocery store with a pub, a car repair shop, a bus company, a taxi company, a hairdresser, a tobacco shop with lottery, a bakery, a pharmacy, a butcher and four other pubs and a church on the village square. The majority of the population works in the commercial areas of Hernani, about 20 km north. The living on the slopes outside the village families operate partially or subsistence farming. There is also a beekeeper German origin.


Goizueta is known for its Basque- national setting of a large majority of the inhabitants. In the regional elections of 2011, the list of " Euskal Herria Bildu " (Eng. " Basque country clubs " ) won over 80 % and the list " Nafarroa Bai " (Eng. " Navarra yes") a further 12% of the vote.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • José Mari Bakero (1963 ): footballers, coaches and sports reporter
  • Patziku Perurena (1959 ): writer and ethnographer