Golconda (painting)

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Golconda (French Golconde ) is the title of a painting, which was created by the Belgian surrealist René Magritte in 1953. The painted with oil on canvas image has the dimensions 80 x 100 cm and is now in the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas, USA. It is considered one of the most important paintings of surrealism.

Image description

In the background is typical for the Walloon Belgium façade houses with red roofs and white buildings is shown. Distributed over the entire image seem men, backwards always smaller and smaller, like raindrops from the sky-blue, cloudless afternoon sky to fall. Or they climb up to heaven like hot air balloons. They all wear the same dark clothes: Black coats, black melons, black pants, white shirts, ties, black briefcases and dark shoes. However, they differ: Your attention is directed in different directions, and also the posture is represented differently. Magritte processed at its plant memories and scenes from his life: the bowler hat and a black suit were Magritte's trademark, he enjoyed dressing up with these clothes as "one among many ". His mother was a milliner, may therefore came his fondness for melon.


How many times was Magritte's friend Louis Scutenaire this image a name. Golconda is an ancient ruined city of eleven kilometers west of Hyderabad, a city in India, located.