Goldbeck is a municipality in the district of Stendal in Saxony- Anhalt. She is a member congregation of the community association Arneburg - Goldbeck.

  • 3.1 municipal


The municipality is located in the Altmark Goldbeck at the lamp, between the towns of Stendal and Osterburg ( Altmark).

Community structure

At Goldbeck include the districts Bertkow, Möllensdorf, Campsite and Peter Mark.

  • Möllensdorf
  • Peter Mark


On 1 January 2009 the then independent municipality Bertkow was amalgamated with their villages Bertkow and Plätz by Goldbeck. The district grew by 14.29 km ² 26.85 km ².


In Goldbeck is the seat of the municipality Arneburg - Goldbeck, who belong to another 7 municipalities.

Parish council

In the local elections on 14 June 2004, it gave the following results:

  • SPD 24.0%
  • UWG 21.7%
  • WGSV 20.2%
  • FDP 14.7%
  • The Left 14.1%
  • Single mandate holders 5.2%


  • Village church with remarkable ancient wall paintings in the district Möllensdorf
  • Memorial stone of 1976 before the High School by the name of Hans and Sophie Scholl, who were murdered as a Christian anti-fascists in 1943

Transport links

From Goldbeck from lead country roads in the surrounding towns Osterburg ( Altmark), Arneburg, Stendal and Advertise (Elbe ). The Goldbecker railway station is on the railway line Magdeburg- Wittenberg and was until 1971 also the starting point of the light railway Goldbeck -Advertise (Elbe ).


The evangelical church is located on the Old village street, their church belongs to the parish church in the area of ​​small Schwechten district Stendal. Other Protestant churches are located in the districts.

The Catholic Church of St. Bernard is located at the Clara- Zetkin -Straße, it belongs to the parish of St. Anna based in Stendal.


  • Ernst Lindner (1935-2012), football player, German national team