Golden Ring

The Golden Ring (Russian Золотое кольцо / Solotoje Kolzo ) is a sprawling tour meant in the north -east of Moscow. The ring ancient Russian cities north-east of Moscow is one of the most famous destinations in Russia. The ancient Russian cities north-east of the capital, giving visitors an insight into the history of the emergence of Russia. A consensus about which cities are part of the Golden Ring, there is not. The term was first used by the Soviet writer Yuri Bychkov.


Once most of the cities were religious or economic centers, rich artisan or merchant settlements. Your favorable geographic location - not a few cities of the Golden Ring are on the Volga River or one of its tributaries - they could flourish in the Middle Ages. The north -east Rus evolved from the 12th century to the new center of Kievan Rus. After the Mongol invasion in the north-east Rus remained of the Mongol rule exempt. There followed a protracted refugee movement of people from the southern parts of the empire around Kiev, as they were often threatened by Mongol attacks. Here in the north protected pristine jungles people from enemy attacks. The north -east Rus formed from then to the nucleus of further Russian expansion.

Attractions and Tourism

In cities such as Suzdal, Uglich, Rostov Veliky, Sergiev Posad or Pereslawl- Salesski seems to have changed at first glance little for centuries. It still tower over the bell towers magnificent cathedrals of the cityscape. Yaroslavl and Vladimir are today since grown to contrast medium large provincial centers. Today, they all stand in the shadow of the big Ten million city of Moscow. The architectural monuments of the region have seventy years socialism in better shape than in many other areas.

Unlike many other scenic and culturally rewarding destinations in Russia, the cities of the Golden Ring can show a relatively good tourist infrastructure today. This is due to the relative proximity of Moscow. Many of Moscow During weekends the nearby recreation areas and visit the historic building. Foreigners were passed along even during Soviet times the Golden Ring. However, foreign guests could never leave the ring as a whole by the end of the Soviet Union. The industrial city of Ivanovo, located halfway between Suzdal and Kostroma, was restricted to Western foreigners.