Goldene Stimmgabel

The Golden Tuning Fork was an award from the German music industry for German -language interpreter, which was awarded from 1981 to 2007.

The winners were determined by the selling recordings ( LP, CD), whose sales figures have been determined in each case by October of the previous year through June of the current year by the Media Control. In 2007, the Golden Tuning Fork for the 22nd time in the Friedrich- Ebert-Halle was awarded in Ludwigshafen am Rhein. It was the 27th and last presentation of the Golden Tuning Fork whole.

Through the television galas at ZDF led Dieter Thomas Heck, the inventor of the event. By withdrawing the ZDF the award was discontinued.

Award winners

In 1990 received Erich Schulze, former board member of GEMA, for his long-standing commitment to protect the copyright of the Golden Tuning Fork as audience award.

Multiple winners

In the history of the Golden Tuning Fork 35 artists have each received two awards. More than two prizes were awarded to:

11 Tuning Forks

  • The Flippers
  • Nicole

10 Tuning Forks

  • Brunner & Brunner
  • Wolfgang Petry

8 tuning forks

6 tuning forks

5 Tuning Forks

4 tuning forks

3 tuning forks