The Danziger Goldwasser is a spice liqueur that was originally manufactured by the liquor factory Salmon to Gdansk, which can be traced back to the 16th century. The factory was founded in 1598 by Dutch immigrants Ambrose Vermollen. You can buy Danziger Goldwasser even in today Danzig, but it is no longer manufactured there since the end of World War II. The original brand The salmon is now produced and distributed by the Hardenberg- Wilthen AG in Norten - Hardenberg. The clear and spicy sweet liqueur, swim in the small gold leaf flakes, has an alcohol content of 40 % vol


Due to the technical development of the distillation took in the 17th century, the production of alcoholic beverages for on the basis of herbs and spices. Occasionally these alcoholic beverages were also gold and silver flake added - perhaps to (according to the then very modern alchemical medicine views) to amplify the healing effect of herbal extracts, but perhaps also to demonstrate wealth.

In this history the Danziger Goldwasser is due that includes among others distillates of cardamom, coriander, lemon and bitter orange peel, juniper berries, caraway, lavender, cinnamon, celery seed and mace.

Another theory about the origin of Goldwasser this leads back to the technique of gilding, said to have been famous for the mainly specialized craftsmen in Danzig. In principle the gilding of furniture, mirror or picture frame by applying extremely thin gold films are ausgewalzter. This is done with the help of different width, the surfaces adapted brushes of different hardness. The gilder must accept the extremely thin gold film and apply to the wood - this he dips his brush in alcohol, only a spot in the woods stroking so and emerged after the brush again in the alcohol: So he can by the adhesion of the film easily on can glue brush to apply. In the wood of the gilder pushes down the slide. The alcohol has made sure that the wood is adhesively for the short remaining work, but then diffuses out through the remaining pores of the wood, the furniture or the frame can not " sweat" under the gold. The alcohol used is renewed after some time, because it is contaminated with fine wood dust and dirt and can thus prevent a smooth gold surface. Because the gilder always left behind scrap gold from the brush in alcohol during re- dipping the brush, was the glistening liquid, the only diluted to drinking strength and was flavored with spice additions.