Goliath and the Dragon

  • Mark Forest: Hercules
  • Broderick Crawford: King Eurytos
  • Gaby André: Ismene
  • Federica Ranchi: Thea
  • Sandro Moretti: hylOs
  • Salvatore Furnari: The Dwarf
  • Giancarlo Sbragia: Tyndarus
  • Wandisa Guida: Alcinoe
  • Nino Milano: Lyca
  • Leonora Ruffo: Deianira
  • Carla Calo: Sybille
  • Claudio Undari: Polymorpheus
  • Philippe Hersent: Androcles

The Revenge of Hercules ( original title: La vendetta di Ercole ) is a mythological adventure film, the Vittorio Cottafavi 1960 staged in Italy. The film experienced on August 12, 1960 its Italian premiere. In the German -speaking world it was first performed on 23 December 1960.


When Hercules defeated the Cerberus, he was cursed: Woe to your son when he enters the royal house. Ten years later, in love hylOs his son in Thea, daughter of Eurytos, King of Ekalien. Hercules is mindful of the curse against the relationship, what his old enemy Eurytos - who would like to submit to the rich Thebes, which so far ' resistance failed to Hercules - plays into the hands, which now looks a leverage against him. He sits hylOs caught and told him Hercules wanted to Thea for themselves with the help of his uncanny consultant Tyndarus he also brings mistress Alcinoe to bring Hercules poison. The Alcinoe but rescues from a bear, and they fall in love.

Eurytos can now supposedly get another potion on behalf Thea, Hercules, who is supposed to cure lovesickness. Also do not succeed; Hercules goes to rescue his son, who is about to be trampled by elephants. A centaur, meanwhile, takes Hercules ' wife Deianira caught and delivers them Eurytos. Hercules gathers his forces and brings the city walls to collapse; the wicked die, the good guys prevail.


In the lexicon of fantasy film Ronald M. Hahn / Volker Jansen, Norbert Stresau notice: " To what extent the German lenders have contributed their mite to this truly captivating blend of Weird & Warr, written in the stars ". Francesco Minnini writes: "The boundaries of the genre are clear, but the director does it with joy and irony ". AGCM cinematigrafiche praised the color and photography, and also the lexicon of international film said, " the Italian " muscle - and - sandals film " counted among the better specimens of the genre. "