Gongshan Derung and Nu Autonomous County

The Autonomous District Gongshan the alteration and Nu (贡山 独龙族 怒族 自治县, Gongshan Dúlóngzú Nuzu Zizhixian ) is an autonomous group of alteration and Nu Autonomous County of the Nujiang Lisu (怒江 傈 僳 族 自治州, Nujiang Lisuzu zizhizhou ) in the northwest of the Yunnan Province is one. It has an area of 4506 km ² and had the Census 2012, 35 910 inhabitants, of which 96% of members of national minorities ( 14.96 % and 18.3 % Nu alteration, otherwise mainly Pumi, Naxi, Bai, Tibetan and Hui ). The main town of Gongshan is the greater community Cikai (茨 开 镇).

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, the autonomous district of a large village and four municipalities is composed. These are:

  • Greater community Cikai (茨 开 镇)
  • Community Bingzhongluo (丙中洛 乡)
  • Community Pengdang (捧 当 乡)
  • Community Puladi (普拉 底 乡)
  • Community Dulongjiang (独龙江 乡)


27.84166666666798.67Koordinaten: 27 ° 51 'N, 98 ° 40 ' E

Fugong - Gongshan - Lanping - Lushui

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