Goodenough Island

Nidula, the " Goodenough Island ", is located in the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea. It is located east of the mainland in the Salomonensee. Goodenough is one of the D' Entrecasteaux Islands, located near the Trobriand Islands. This island was visited in 1873 by Captain John Moresby, who named it after Commodore James Graham Goodenough.

The island is almost circular. It is 39 kilometers long and 26 kilometers wide. Its area is 687 km ², the length of the coastline of 116 kilometers. From a stretch of coastline, which varies in width between two and ten kilometers, the island rises steeply to 2536 m high volcanic cone of Mount Vineuo.

Goodenough counts - measured by its surface - among the steepest sloping islands in the world. She is also known for its rock paintings, the "Good Enough Iceland Cargo Cults ". During World War II Goodenough was an important strategic basis for the operation Dexterity.


F1 map with all coordinates of the section villages: OSM, Google and Bing The following 35 villages and four separate facilities are located on the Goodenough Island, most of them in the east near the coast ::

In 1980, the Goodenough Island 12,676 inhabitants, 2000 19,625. Two other villages are located on the upstream side in the southeast of the island Wagifa: Wagifa 9.495 ° S, 150.3643 ° E - 9.494974150.364316 with 909 and Yauyaula 9.4974 ° S, 150.376 ° E - 9.497407150.375985 with 280 inhabitants.

Species protection

In the center of the island, the Oi Mada Wara Wildlife Management Area is located. It has a total area of ​​22,840 ha It provides a critical habitat for several endangered species, such as the Goodenough - bush kangaroo ( Dorcopsis atrata ) and the Agile Wallaby ( Macropus agilis ). It is also habitat of Naked Eyes pigeon and dove Alberti.