Goodison Park

  • Everton FC (since 1892)

The Goodison Park in Liverpool, England is the football stadium where the FC Everton plays its home games. The stadium can accommodate 40,569 spectators and is fully equipped with seats.


Built in 1892, the Goodison Park one of the oldest stadiums in the world and was the first great English football stadium. It is nicknamed The Grand Old Lady ( German The grand old lady ), and is the first British stadium at all with so-called double -decker stands on all four sides. In addition, it was the first stadium with a grandstand, which was divided into three floors. The Goodison Park had a soil heating as the first English football stadium. In 1913, visited the then King George V Goodison Park, and this represented the first visit by a reigning Monarch in a football stadium.

The venue is located in a densely populated residential area, which is extremely difficult, if not designed as an extension or an expansion impossible. At a corner of the stadium even bordered the local St. Luke's Church.

In Goodison Park five World Cup games were held in 1966, including a semi-final. In addition, there 1894 FA Cup Final and the replay in the FA Cup in 1910 was held. In Everton more international games were completed than any other English club. In 1949 there was the first home defeat of the English national football team against a country outside the so-called Home Nations (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) instead, when England lost to Ireland.

The attendance record is 78 299 visitors in the First Division match against Liverpool on 18 September 1948. The record in the modern seat - era dates from 11 December 2004., Where were received at the Premier League match against city rivals Liverpool FC 40 552 spectators.

According to the voters on the official site of FC Everton was the best game at Goodison Park encounter in 1985 in the European Cup Winners' Cup against FC Bayern Munich. In the second leg of the semi-finals Bayern Munich at half time was in front and was then still defeated by three goals from Andy Gray, Graeme Sharp and Trevor Steven in the second half.

There have been discussions about a possible move Everton to a new stadium at Kings Dock, where the financial risks prevented further considerations. In the second half of 2004, the representatives of Everton met with colleagues from the local rivals from Liverpool to discuss together with the sports minister plans to build a joint stadium ( Stanley Park Stadium ). However, this was rejected by both clubs, so that Everton now further before a decision is to build a new stadium or trying to rebuild Goodison Park.