Google Desktop

Google Desktop was a desktop search program of the company Google Inc., etc. made ​​it possible to search for files, emails, chat logs on your own computer. For Search, which offers one of the Google search engine like interface and some extensions for the Windows taskbar and the desktop. Google Desktop Search makes it quick and easy browsing of personal files.

The development of the Google Desktop as well as the support and API were set on 14 September 2011.

Supported data sources

  • Image files
  • E-mail
  • HTML documents
  • Lotus Notes databases (only in the Enterprise version )
  • Microsoft Office documents
  • Music files
  • PDF documents
  • Text files
  • History information
  • Video files

And numerous other (sometimes extended with plugins ). It should be noted that in most data sources, only the first 10,000 symbols are searched. Maximum initial index will record 100,000 files per drive. Additional files will be added only by real-time indexing when opening and copying in the index.

Privacy Policy

Privacy advocates warn of the search function on multiple machines, which offered already Desktop version 3 of Google. In this function, the search index for the documents that are located on your own computer, stored on central servers of Google. This could get access to private documents, for example, law enforcement agencies or governments easily. For files on a server less privacy policy as to access to a PC are in the U.S..

Although these functions are turned off Google Desktop sends a unique ID to Google, with the theoretically all data as incurred Search, visited Web sites do (via Google Analytics) and more, associate with each other and extensive user profiles can be created.