Google Insights for Search

With Google Insights for Search ( briefly also: "Google Insights" ), there was a since August 2008 provided free of charge by Google service, which was viewed as an extension of Google Trends. Using Google Insights to gradients in the search volume and the geographical origin of any search queries were starting with the 2004 identify and analyze.

The service has been inserted Trends on September 27, 2012 in Google and set as a separate service.

Preparation of forecasts

Overall confidence in the validity of the data provided by the system seemed relatively low. In practice, however, Google Insights could be quite successfully used for the following predictions:

  • Current data on propagation V.A. contagious diseases, such as of influenza, but also data on non-infectious diseases or disorder images, such as to geographic differences in stroke prevalence, to seasonal and geographical differences in the incidence of kidney stone or suicidal behavior
  • Forecast for the parliamentary elections in 2009
  • Prediction of the winner at the Euro Vision Song Contest

Vectors and cross comparisons

By analyzing the query in the context of geographical and temporal parameters, called vectors may arise that reflect the life and interests of space seekers, at least in parts. Moreover, it is possible in many cases to set separate searches in a common context, so as to obtain more differentiated vectors. This allows interesting tips for marketing a company win.

In particular, by cross- comparisons can be based parallel search volumes determine insightful relationships and common motivators that can be profitably introduced as a prediction, but also retrospectively in research and marketing.