Google Panda

Google Panda (also called Panda update ) denotes a published in February 2011 update of the algorithm of the search engine Google. This was directed against websites of low quality and with a few content.


The "Panda" end of February 2011 was active for the first time. The aim of the update was to better evaluate sites with high quality content in the search results lists. In return, especially content farms were downgraded. The first update was concerned about 12 percent of all search queries.

The algorithm was updated at irregular intervals. On September 18, 2012, a Panda update from Google was officially confirmed on Twitter. Another Panda update was released on 22 January 2013. It covered about 1.2 percent of all English search queries. Since mid-2013, Panda is integrated into the normal indexing process.

In April 2012 a further update of the algorithm was published with Google Penguin, which affected 3.1 percent of all English-language searches.