Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code (in short: GSoC ) is an organized annual programming grant from Google. Here students can get through their collaboration on an open source project for financial support. The corresponding projects also take on a mentoring role and support the students in their work.


2005, the competition was held for the first time, which according to Google from 8,744 applicants 419 students were selected, of which 80 percent achieved the target set and the full premium received. The three-month scholarship includes a prize of 5,500 U.S. dollars, of which 5,000 will go to the students and 500 to the actual software project. His name was the Summer of Code from the Summer of Love. Between 2007 and 2009 Leslie Hawthorn was the Program Manager. 2010 Carol Smith took over the management of the program.

Development scholarships

Projects in which students participate (selection)