Gordon Blake

Gordon Aylesworth Blake ( July 22, 1910 *, † 1 September 1997) was from July 1, 1962 to May 31, 1965 Director of the U.S. Secret Service NSA. Previously, he headed the Air Force Security Service and served as a Lieutenant General in the U.S. Air Force.


December 7, 1941 Blake was stationed as an officer for runway operations on Pearl Harbor. Because of his courageous during the Japanese attack, he received the Silver Star for bravery.

With its beginning as director of the NSA, he kept Dr. Louis W. Tordella in as deputy director and gave him the most secret operations of the intelligence service.


Selection of decorations, sorted on the basis of the Order of Precedence of Military Awards:

Canine | Samford | Frost | Blake | Carter | Gayler | Phillips | Allen | Inman | Faurer | Odom | Studeman | McConnell | Minihan | Hayden | Alexander

  • Director ( National Security Agency )
  • Military person (United States Army Air Forces)
  • Lieutenant General (United States Air Force)
  • Person in the Pacific War (United States)
  • Support the Army Distinguished Service Medal
  • Carrier of the Silver Star
  • Of the Order Legion of Merit
  • Support of the Distinguished Flying Cross (United States)
  • Carriers of the Air Medal
  • Americans
  • Born 1910
  • Died in 1997
  • Man