Gordon Haskell

Gordon Haskell (* April 27, 1946 in Bournemouth, England as Gordon Hionidies ) is a British musician.

He started his career in the second half of the 1960s with the band Fleur de lys. He became known as a temporary bassist and singer of the progressive rock band King Crimson his school friend Robert Fripp, with whom he had previously been active in the band, The League of Gentlemen. He has his old friend over to the albums In the Wake of Poseidon and Lizard participated as a favor, because Fripp lacked a singer because of a cast change, but left the band during rehearsals for the following live performances since its more on folk and rhythm and blues oriented musical interests could not be reconciled with the King Crimson concept. In addition, he said, as he describes in his autobiography, to be heard in the music of King Crimson somewhat emotionless cold, even diabolical.

Haskell published after his departure from King Crimson 1972 album It is and It Is not that terrible sold. His record company dropped him and tried Haskell continue living in the coming decades as a musician. He made ​​his way as (cash) Musicians in hotels, pubs and ferries through, mostly alone, sometimes in cooperation with other colleagues. From 1984 to 1992 he lived in Denmark. In between, he took over again on plates, but all could not prevail. Having spoke to him a manager for a club appearance, he took in 2001 some songs in the studio. He gained worldwide fame during the Christmas season of 2001 by his surprise hit how wonderful you are, an R & B ballad from his album Harry 's Bar Both the single and the album reached the second place in the UK charts. The follow-up album Shadows on the Wall in 2002 at number 44 in the UK charts.

His experiences as a musician and person described Haskell in his 2006 autobiography " The Road to Harry 's Bar ".


Gordon Haskell: The Road to Harry 's Bar Forty Years on the potholed Path to Stardom. Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh. ISBN 1-84018-987-8.