Gordon Scott

Gordon Scott ( born August 3, 1927 in Portland, Oregon, † April 30, 2007 in Baltimore, Maryland; actually Gordon M. Werschkul ) was an American actor.

Life and achievements

After leaving school at the University of Oregon and the Army Service Scott worked in various jobs until he 1953 ( he was employed at this time in Las Vegas Sahara Hotel ), replacing Lex Barker was selected as Tarzan actor. In his first film for RKO, he met drama colleague Vera Miles, whom he married in 1954. Three years later, Scott also played the first Tarzan, who was photographed in color. A total of six times he put the " Lord of the Jungle" dar.

Then Scott moved production country and genre: In Italy he turned his muscles in peplums on display. After portraits of, among others Remus, Goliath, Samson and Hercules, and after the genre had passed its peak, Scott, like almost all former " mythological " performer turned, the spaghetti westerns to. He played Buffalo Bill and Sergio Corbuccis Director 1966 The Trampler. After two more films, both acting in the agent environment, Scott retired from the film business.

Scott was married three times and had a son born in 1957, Michael.

Filmography (selection)