Gorgeous prawn goby

Wheelers Partnergrundel ( Amblyeleotris wheeleri )

Wheelers Partnergrundel ( Amblyeleotris wheeleri ) lives in shallow lagoons on sandy soils in the tropical Indo-Pacific, from East Africa to Fiji, north to southern Japan, south to the Great Barrier Reef at depths of 5 to 15, rarely to 50 meters.


Wheelers Partnergrundel is 6.5 to 8 cm long. Your body is cylindrical and patterned with red-brown and white cross bands. Dorsal and caudal fins are covered with reddish-brown dots, a red-brown band runs along the anal-fin base. On the lower part of the tail fin is a red-brown line. The pelvic fins have grown together after grundelart and blue polka dots.

  • Fins formula: Dorsal VII/12, Anal I/12.

Way of life

Wheelers Partnergrundel usually lives in pairs and in symbiosis with the bang shrimp Alpheus Alpheus djeddensis ochrostriatus or in a cave in of coarse Kalkstücken, crushed coral and sand formed the seabed. The nearly blind snapping shrimp digs the cave keeps the sensors constantly in touch with the gobies and is warned of this at risk. The gobies feed mainly on bottom-dwelling small crustaceans (eg amphipods ).