The Gorgons (Greek γοργόνες [ Gorgones ] by Gorgos "terrible", singular or the Gorgon Gorgon, Greek Γοργώ ) are in Greek mythology, winged three bogies with snake hair, let everyone who looks at it, to stone.

They are the daughters of Phorkys and keto. Their names are: Stheno (also Stheino and Sthele ), Euryale and Medusa. Medusa is the only mortal among them, and was beheaded by Perseus. The head of this Gorgon of the goddess Athena was brought. Numerous designs of Athena show it with the Aigis and Gorgon on her chest.

Homer still only talking about a single Gorgon. Hesiod calls around 700 BC but then three Gorgons, namely Stheno ( the Mighty ), Euryale ( the long jumper ) and the " long-suffering " Medusa ( the queen ). Your home was the western extreme edge of the known world ( the Atlas Mountains ), later Mythografen call Libya as their home.

With Hellenism the tradition arose that the Gorgon was originally the sister of Alexander the Great. In it she is a mermaid that lives in the water and the crew of each boat passing by asks if Alexander was still alive. If the answer is "no", so she pulls the ship along with the sailors down to him. The information that preserves his life to the skipper, is: "He lives and reigns as king! " (Greek Ζει και βασιλεύει ).

Since ancient times, you will find pictures of the Gorgon - Gorgoneion called - because of his rumored apotropaic effect on shields, amulets and grave stones. Also attached to buildings and vessels Gorgons are common and are intended to prevent unauthorized access or access. In Greek mythology Gorgonenblut, which was taken from the right side of the body raised, the dead back to life, while the left half of the body is drawn blood nachsagte an acute, lethal effect guaranteed.

1884 written by the Greek poet Georgios Drosinis his poem The Gorgone, 1949, the writer Stratis Myrivilis the novel The Madonna with the fish body ( Η Παναγιά η Γοργόνα ).