Goroka is a town in the highlands of Papua New Guinea with about 19,000 inhabitants according to the census in 2000. Goroka is the seventh largest city in the country and the capital of the Eastern Highlands.


Goroka is about 1600 meters above sea level and has a pleasant, mild climate year round Spring. The city is one of the two centers of the Highlands and is in a certain competition to the other, Mount Hagen in the Western Highlands.

Culture and sights

Goroka is, like Mount Hagen, the starting point for tourists traveling further into the highlands, which are usually flown in by plane. Both cities that host the annual Highland shows. These were originally peaceful meetings ( sing- sing ) of some distant cultural groups that served the mutual acquaintance among others. The Goroka Show is held every year on the weekend before or after Independence Day on 16 September.

Another attraction for the tourists are flown in the Asaro Mudmen and their performances.

Economy and infrastructure

Goroka has an airport; the IATA code is GKA. In the city, several national institutions are established, including the PNG Institute of Medical Research ( IMR), the National Broadcasting Commission, the Melanesian Institute and the University of Goroka. Numerous non-governmental organizations such as the Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship ( CRMF ) are represented in Goroka. From the airport, the Mission Aviation Fellowship ( MAF) serves many scattered in the jungle villages with transportation services.


Goroka has twinned with

  • Fuzhou, People's Republic of China ( Fujian Province )

And designated cities partnerships with