Gospel music

The Gospel (of English: gospel = Gospel, Good News, derived from the Old English gōdspel, god = good and spel = story, message) is according to the German language that Christian African American Style, which is the beginning of the 20th century from the Negro spiritual as well as elements the blues and jazz has developed. As the Gospel or the one referred to in the German one this kind of music associated work.

In the original understanding of the English language Gospel music in the broadest sense refers to the development of Christian music in the Americas. Starting with the gospel song of the 19th century to the Christian pop music, in the strict sense but also the church music of African-American communities.

German language

In the German linguistic understanding of the term gospel is used as a generic term for the various forms and developments of the African American Christian music from the commercialization of the Negro Spiritual early 20th century out. Accordingly, only works shall apply with due stylistic roots in German as gospel. These were first but mostly as congregational singing practiced by vocal groups, choirs and performed as a soloist sang. The instrumental accompaniment was often of a jazz band with drums, bass, piano and organ. This chronologically first child genre in English as Black Gospel referred (English: traditional black gospel ), a reference number for further developments of style right up to the current Gospel (English: contemporary black gospel ) try to position the German projects such as Modern Gospel of Christian musicians such as Danny Plett.

As a " gospel choir " to describe religiously oriented choirs, which include a focus on Gospel in the narrow sense or spirituals. Often, even church choirs call so that also maintain a variety of other popular styles.

English language

Although this definition applies in the strict sense for the English usage, the term is used here in an extended meaning and encompasses the whole development of Christian music in North America since the Baptist and Methodist revival in the 19th century. The term "Gospel Song " appears here in print for the first time probably in 1874 by Philip P. Bliss used and follows the English word gospel for the Gospels of the New Testament according originally an evangelistic and missionary character. In German, then still largely free of anglicisms, was from the term "Gospel Song" in this sense, the gospel song.

The complexity of the English understanding of the concept is the following quote:

" But you know, Gospel is not the sound, the sound - it 's the message. If it is about Jesus Christ, it's gospel. "

Gospel Award

From 2004 to 2006, the television work of the Protestant and the Catholic Church and the Christian relief organization World Vision Germany awarded in the largest German Gospel competition the Gospel Award

Well-known gospel songs

Well-known songs of the Gospel according to German definition include:

  • Precious Lord, Take my Hand ( Thomas A. Dorsey, 1932)
  • Oh Happy Day ( Edwin Hawkins, 1969)
  • Rock of Ages ( Augustus Toplady )
  • Soon and Very Soon ( Andraé Crouch )

For associates, as gospel songs such as Go Down Moses or When the Saints Go Marching In, see: Negro Spiritual.