Gospel of Mary

The Gospel of Mary is one of the apocryphal books of the New Testament. It is a Gnostic writing, which is dated to about 160 AD.

When Mary, who has given the gospel to the name, it is probably because Mary Magdalene. As in the text itself, however, is of "Mary " is mentioned only in general terms, this association remains uncertain.

The Gospel is the first part of dialogue between the risen Jesus and his disciples of. It also contains the second part of a vision of Mary. The two parts appear to have originally been independent. Connected them through the figure of Mary, which occurs at the end of the first part. In the second part of their role is more pronounced, so that the title Gospel of Mary, strictly speaking, fit only to the second part of the Apocryphon.

According to the general opinion of the original research of Scripture was written in the Greek language. The Gospel is preserved only in fragments. The best preserved text matter of the work is located in the Codex Berolinensis Gnosticus 8502, which dated to the 5th century. The text is written in Sahidic, Coptic dialect. The pages 1-6 and 11-14 of the comprehensive total of 18 pages document are lost. There are also two Greek fragments which were later found in Egyptian Oxyrhynchus. Papyrus Rylands 463 differs in a few points of the Coptic version, while Papyrus Oxyrhynchus L 3525 coincides with the Coptic text.