Gostenhof (Nuremberg U-Bahn)

Metro Station Gostenhof (abbreviation: GO ) is the 16th Metro Station of the Nuremberg U- Bahn and was opened on 20 September 1980. It is 492 m and 628 m from the Bärenschanze Metro Station Metro Station Plaerrer. At the railway station towards Fürth includes a parking and reversing facility to the station Bärenschanze and toward long water on an x -shaped double track change. The subway station is named after the several incorporated in 1825 the Nuremberg district Gostenhof in which it lies.


The station is located in the district of Nuremberg Gostenhof and extends below the ground in east-west direction at the Fürth road between Dilherr and Saldorferstraße. Of the two lead outputs from the platform heads into a distribution of levels and from there to the south and north side of the road Fürth. In addition, there is a lift from the platform level of the pedestrian zone on the south side of the road Fürth.

In the vicinity of the station is an administrative building DATEV and the Protestant College Nuremberg.

Building and Architecture

The station building is 168 m long, 17 m wide and 7 m deep ( one and a half times the down position). Construction of the station began on 12 January 1978 and were carried out in an open design with Berlin wall. The two northern entrances to the Saldorfer and Dilherrstr. could be built upon removal of the tram tracks until 1981.

The characteristic color of the station is yellow. The tiled with ceramic tiles platform walls from top of rail to the platform edge white and then in yellow with interruption by the white band with the held station names written in black. In the station top 18 skylights were installed to supply the station and the distribution of levels with daylight.


The station is served by lines U1 and U11. Are located at the station ends with Gostenhof East and West Gostenhof two stops of the city bus line 34 runs at the weekend and the night bus N9.


From the opening of the U -Bahn station Gostenhof on September 20, 1980 to the extension of the subway to Eberhardshof on 20 June 1981 the tram was still parallel to the U -Bahn to Plaerrer. However, the tram stop at Gostenhof Metro Station maintained its previous name Willstraße and was not renamed in Gostenhof.