Gottfried Reiche

Johann Gottfried Reiche ( born February 5, 1667 White Rock, † October 6, 1734 in Leipzig ) was a trumpet virtuoso and composer of the Baroque numerous Bläserstücke.


Empire birthplace had a long tradition of trumpet playing ( the Clarin blowing ), in which the young musicians was formed. In 1688, Rich went to Leipzig, where he found employment as a journeyman Stadtpfeiffer and remained until his death. In 1706 he was finally appointed Senior Stadtmusicus to Stadtpfeifer and 1719. Rich was a friend who lives in Leipzig since 1723 Johann Sebastian Bach and participated as soloist in a performance of numerous compositions of JS Bach with.

On October 5, 1734, the Bach cantata prices your happiness, blessed Saxony ( BWV 215) was performed in Leipzig in a festive evening music in the presence of electors and with the assistance of Gottfried Reiche. Rich died the next day. About the circumstances reported the Leipzig chronicle of Johann Riemer that Rich gerühret in Stadtpfeiffer Gäßgen ohnweit his apartment from the blow that he niedergesuncken and dead in his apartment been brought. And this is be-ing be because he vorhero bey the Royal Musique had great strapazzen because of blowing, and also the torch smoke have been the day it very difficult.


Both from reports of witnesses as well as from the resulting works of Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig shows that empires must have been an extraordinarily talented trumpet virtuoso, as written by Bach Trumpets often have stringent demands. It may be assumed that Bach could perform the demanding roles of the resulting 1723-1734 works only because it was available with an exceptional realms musicians.

The composer created numerous kingdoms tower music as well as 24 and 122 Quatricinia lost blowing pieces. The notes, which holds the kingdoms of the portrait by Elias Gottlob Haussmann in hand, could be a blow-off piece. According to other opinions is in this fanfare to a Bach composition that have dedicated this to his friend for his 60th birthday. Both can not be documented. Empire works form a peak in the German city Pfeifer Art.

The brass instrument in the kingdom right hand on the Haussmann 's portrait could be a tromba da caccia be (hunting trumpet). The cylindrical tube and the scores in the kingdom left hand point out.