The God Leuba in Berggießhübel

The God Leuba is a left tributary of the Elbe river in the Czech Republic and Germany.


The headwaters of God Leuba, the rise in the ridge area of the Bohemian part of the eastern Ore Mountains, south of the Czech village of Schonwald ( Krasny Les) and drain to the north of this are:

  • The easterly Rybny Potok ( Fischbach ), which has approximately 680 meters above sea level the same source as the Bahra ( tschech. Slatina ), with the same length inflows LISCI Potok ( Fuchsbach ), source: south of Schonwald
  • Vetrovsky Potok, source: in the deserted village Větrov ( Streckewald ) or in the forest without rhyme

The mouth of the easternmost and westernmost source Bach is shown at the border bridge of Highway 17 on the Schönwalder Bach. After the junction of the nose Bach God Leuba flows through the south of the town of Bad Gottleuba- Berggießhübel in a Sohlental the Oelsengrund between the hamlets Oelsen and Breitenau. Above Bad Gottleuba it is jammed in the dam God Leuba (14 million m³). In the further course flows through it in a v -shaped valley, the city cores Bad God Leubas and Berggießhübels. Between Berggießhübel and Langenhennersdorf she takes on the Bahra and continues to flow north towards Pirna, through the districts of nine village and Rottwerndorf. The God Leuba flows east from the city center and takes on the silk joke until then flows into the Elbe between the Elbe bridges. Originally flowed the Gottleuba by today Pirna city center to the river Elbe. The current development in the urban area as well as the mouth, however, was artificially created by a relocation of the river as a result of urban growth.


Flood can be traced back to 1480 in Gottleuba area. For the last 500 years, more than 50 flood can prove under which emerged from 1897, 1927, 1957, 1958 and 2002 by their severity special.

Traffic routes

Between 1890 and 1976 was in the Gottleubatal Gottleuba valley railway to Bad Gottleuba. Since 2006, the 915 m long viaduct God Leuba is south of Pirna projected that in 2014 part of the local bypass Pirna in the course of the main road should be 172b.

Former mills and hammer mills

Many mills no longer exist, some are converted and used for other purposes:

  • Hammer Kleinliebenau
  • Köhler mill width-
  • Meisel mill width-
  • Hammer mill and Ebert Oelsengrund
  • Paust mill or upper mill Breitenau ( manor Oelsen )
  • Clemens mill or Niedermühle width-
  • Niedergrund mill ( mill or jug ​​) Breitenau ( manor Oelsen )
  • Hammer mill and Costanosellari ( Hammergut )
  • Fischermühle or Kappelmühle Hartmann Bach
  • Bährmühle (formerly Hansel mill) Bad Gottleuba ( Mill Museum )
  • Honestly mill Hartmann Bach ( Bad Gottleuba )
  • Upper Ratsmühle or glass mill Bad Gottleuba
  • Lower Ratsmühle or link ash mill Bad Gottleuba
  • Hammergut and mill Giesenstein Bad Gottleuba
  • Hammer Heynechberg and Hansel mill ( or Rölligmühle ) Berggießhübel
  • Rose Wirth mill Berggießhübel
  • Upper hammer Berggießhübel
  • Fuchsberg Hammer and Iron Hammer ( Einsiedel cal iron ) Berggießhübel
  • Zwieselmühle Berggießhübel and Unterhammer Berggießhübel
  • Paper mill Schmidt Langenhennersdorf
  • Grundmühle or Buschmühlenteich Langenhennersdorf
  • Herring mill Langenhennersdorf
  • Bährmühle Langenhennersdorf
  • Pappenfabrik Zacharias Cotta
  • Wood pulp mill flax Langenhennersdorf
  • Höhnel or Protzemühle Nine village
  • Brett Schneidemühle Nine village
  • Nine Mühle ( manor Rottwerndorf )
  • Webs mill Cotta
  • Castle Mill Rottwerndorf
  • Small mill I Rottwerndorf
  • Small Mill II Rottwerndorf
  • Fulling mill or clothier mill Pirna
  • Steinbohrwerk Pirna
  • Coal mill Pirna
  • Town Clerk mill also Herrnmühle Pirna
  • Lower mill or mill Kesemeisters Pirna