Government Issue

Government Issue were a Washington hardcore punk band. As one of the first groups that published on the label Dischord Records in the early 1980s, they are among the pioneers of their genre; Unlike many similar bands, the group was relatively long and was, but after a variety of line-up changes, not dissolved until 1989.

Band History

Government Issue arose from the band The rod. When they broke up in 1981, examined singer John Schroeder (which is in line with his old band later called John Stabb ) and drummer Marc Alberstaft a guitarist and a bassist to again form a complete lineup can. With John Barry and Brian Gay these were soon found, and in the same year, the band released their debut EP, which committed over the then new, the do -it-yourself ideas label Dischord Records was released in an edition of 1,000 pieces. In its first year, followed by the first line-up change, which first jumped Gay, who was replaced on bass by Minor Threat member Brian Baker. When Barry left the band shortly thereafter, Baker moved to the guitar, where he was soon after his exit following ( in April 1982, he returned to Minor Threat ) represented by the newly added bassist Tom Lyle. 1982 Government Issue toured with Scream by California; their first album the band recorded in 1983, Ian MacKaye acted as producer. In the same year, the band played a U.S. tour.

Until its dissolution, the band was subjected to several further line-up changes; among other things, played Minor Threat member Steve Hansgen, Peter Moffett, Mike Fellows, Rob Moss and J. Robbins for Government Issue.

After Government Issue

Guitarist Tom Lyle published in 1991 his solo debut, with its inclusion also supported him alongside his former bandmates Moffett Adam Wade of the group Jawbox. John Stabb later founded The Factory Incident with a new band. J. Robbins was active in the bands Jawbox and Burning Airlines, and also worked as a producer on albums by groups like Jets to Brazil, Jawbreaker, Against Me! and None More Black with. Peter Moffett was employed by Franz steel wool project and how Robbins at the Burning Airlines, Mike Fellows in Rites of Spring. Brian Baker founded in 1985 Dag Nasty and was mid-90s member of Bad Religion.

In 2003, a live album with a performance, the Government Issue had completed in 1987 in CBGB's published. In addition, since the separation of numerous works compilations and reissues were released on different labels.