is the official website of the Norwegian government. The information portal launched in 2007, most of the documents issued by the ministries will be made available on the Internet to the public. In addition, press releases about the work of the government there can be provided.

Editorial profile not used for communication between the citizens and the Government of Norway, but is almost exclusively used to publish press releases, news and government documents. Most major documents are published both as a PDF file as well as chapter by chapter as a single HTML pages, the PDF version is identical to the paper version of the document. is not integrated into the management systems of the ministries, so to be published texts must be edited public justice after the documents have been archived in the management system.

The search page allows the user to search by document type and to filter the information by date or Ministry. The search is not restricted to a single ministry, but allowed it to all documents that have been published in to access.


On 12 February 2007 was established as the official website of the Norwegian Government launched and replaced so that the service Offentlig dokumentasjon informasjon og i Norge ( Odin ), which began as a pilot project on 1 August 1995 and established as a permanent service 1998. The site, whose article on the Microsoft Word software based, had the web address Norsk Regnesentral, a private, independent research foundation, 1997, an external evaluation and consumer survey carried out in which, despite weaknesses, the service saw as a valuable contribution, fulfilled the important needs of political institutions, the administration and the public. The operational implementation at that time was forvaltningstjeneste from the Norwegian Labour and Management Department to the Authority Statens, predecessor of Departementenes servicesenter, transferred, so Odin could be further developed in Gleichzug with government decisions and recommendations.