Governorate-General (Russian Empire)

As General (often called Kraj ), the 1775 to 1917 in Russia consisting of the combination of several governorates administrative units referred to, which presided over by a Governor-General. In general, they were congruent with a military district, whose commander held the office of Governor-General at the same time. Towards the end of the Russian empire, this system was gradually reduced.

1895 were the following General Government:

  • General Warsaw or Weichselgouvernement
  • General Vilnius
  • General Kiev or Little Russia Volhynia and Podolia with
  • Even the Grand Duchy of Finland formed at the same time a General

The Asian side there were:

  • General Caucasia
  • General of the steppe ( north-eastern Central Asia)
  • General Turkestan (southern Central Asia)
  • General Irkutsk ( Eastern Siberia or )
  • General Amur

In addition, there was a Governor General of Moscow, but was merely an honorary title.