GP-5 gas mask

The GP -5 Gas Mask (Russian Гражданский Противогаз -5 ) is an NBC protective mask of Soviet production. The production of the mask was initiated in 1962 and ended in 1989. The mask was issued to the Soviet civilian population in order to provide protection against chemical and biological warfare agents. The mask weighs about 1.1 kilograms and accessories. The GP -5 mask is suitable for all weather conditions and temperatures from -40 ° C to 114 ° C.


The GP -5 gas mask consists of a mask body made ​​of rubber, round eyes, glasses, and a brown lacquered connector, which also includes the exhalation valve. The mask was issued in a brown bag, anti-fog lenses and a green filter. The GP -5 gas mask is often confused with the SchM 41 M of the former NVA, but differs from it by the size of the fitting.


Due to their simple design and low price, the mask in collector circles is very popular. There was in the past several debates whether the filter contains asbestos, which was confirmed by an American asbestos laboratory in Salt Lake City in October 2013 by an analysis. The aerosol filter is made of 7.5% asbestos. The filter is constructed such that asbestos fibers can not be inhaled, while the inner material of the filter is not damaged.