GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation

The GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation ( GAGAN ) is an Indian satellite navigation system which is to provide satellite-based correction signals for the Global Positioning System in India. With EGNOS in Europe, MSAS in Japan and WAAS in North America, it forms a system to support satellite-based navigation, particularly in air traffic.

In the years 2007/2008, a test operation was successfully carried out that uses the Inmarsat 4 -F1 satellite to relay the generated at the bottom GAGAN signals.

The attempt to bring the first - GAGAN payload own GSAT -4 into orbit failed on April 15, 2010 due to a false start of the GSLV rocket. The satellite GSAT -8 on board an Ariane rocket from Kourou on 20 May 2011, however, was successful. This satellite is positioned at 55 ° East. His GAGAN signals using PRN 127 Another satellite ( GSAT -10 ) was born on September 28, 2012 again with Ariane 5 successfully launched. It will be positioned at 83 degrees East and use PRN 128.