Grado, Asturias

33820 Grado

Grado ( Asturian: Grau ) is a Spanish municipality ( concejo in Asturias, corresponds to the municipio in the rest of Spain) in the autonomous region of Asturias. It is bordered to the north by Candamo and Las Regueras, to the south and Teverga Yernes y Tameza, on the west by Belmonte de Miranda and Salas and on the east by Proaza, Santo Adriano and Oviedo. The capital is Grado.


The oldest finds of the municipality date from the Bronze Age; from the Iron Age are still scattered fragments of hill forts to detect. Despite the strong colonization during the Romanization are received only sporadic evidence from this era, as the population used the buildings over and over again as a quarry. From the period of feudal lords Today the watchtowers in Villanueva, Báscones and Coalla are still preserved as impressive buildings. In the early Middle Ages the town was divided into the districts Pramaro, Salcedo and Bayo. The merger was carried to its present size in the 13th century.

Way of St. James

Grado is a station on one of the oldest historical pilgrimage routes to Santiago, the Camino Primitivo.


The municipality of Grado is divided into 28 parroquias

  • Ambás
  • Báscones
  • Bayo
  • Berció
  • Cabruñana
  • Castañedo
  • Coalla
  • El Fresno
  • Grado
  • Gurullés
  • La Mata
  • Las Villas
  • Peñaflor
  • Pereda
  • Rañeces
  • Restiello
  • Rodiles
  • Rubiano
  • Sama de Grado
  • Santa María de Grado
  • Santa María de Villandás
  • Santianes de Molenes
  • Santo Adriano del Monte
  • Sorribas
  • Tolinas
  • Vigaña
  • Villamarín
  • Villapañada



Sources: Ministry of Interior and Federación Asturiana de Concejos


Data from the Statistical Office of Economic Development in Asturias, as of 2009 (PDF, 108 kB), Sadei


  • Heritage Museum (Museo de Grado Etnográfico - La Cardosa s / n - 33820 Grado, Tel: 985 75 30 73)
  • Capilla (chapel ) de los Dolores from the 18th century
  • Parish Church Parish Church of San Pedro of 1890
  • Iglesia de San Martín in Gurullés 1117
  • Watchtower Torre de Villanueva



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