Grammentin is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District. It is located northwest of Neubrandenburg. They belonged to 31 January 2004, the Office Stavenhagen country and since its merger with the Office Stavenhagen Stavenhagen, which has its administrative headquarters in Stavenhagen.


Grammentin is located about seven kilometers north of Stavenhagen and 14 km east of Malchin, east of Lake Kummerow. Federal highway 194 runs west of the community. The municipality is located on the edge of Malchiner Basin, a glacial trough, by melt water below the ice took its present form during the Pomeranian stage of the Weichsel glaciation. Half of the municipality is forested.


Grammentin is an elongated road village that has hardly changed over the past 100 years. Worth seeing are the village church Grammentin, the former mill, the old fire station and the famous Kunsthof the painter and graphic artist Günter Horn, the last living student of Otto Nagel, who and Kunsthof and the village through its annual arts festivals and readings to abroad among artists known art lovers made ​​.

At the sawmill the largest mural of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is seen. It was painted in 1999 by the resident Günter Horn and supported by other artist friends such as the late painter and printmaker Harry Lüttger, the Goethe Prize of the city of Berlin was awarded, as well as art-loving volunteers from the village. Other notable facade paintings and art objects in place, like the sculpture park and the " Street of the Best ", which in turn lead directly to Kunsthof the painter, are also arisen in time.

Fire Station